A Woman’s Guide to Planning her Marketing

So All the Right People will Notice your Business

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If you want your business to become more visible, with levels of brand recognition and awareness that build trust and increase profits, marketing planning is going to be essential.

Planning your marketing begins with your ideal customer: What are his or her needs?

Then comes your business: How will we meet those needs?

Then your competitors: How can we do it in a way that’s unique from (and better than) the competition?

And the market: How will current consumer trends and economic climates affect what you’ll give and what your target market will receive?

Then the communication: What message will we create to communicate in a clear and compelling way, while considering all of the above?

And let’s not forget the money: How will we use that message to generate enough profit to meet our business goals?

As you plan your marketing, you will answer all these questions and lay the groundwork for a year’s worth of visibility-inducing actions.

We suggest you start with this list of potential marketing opportunities, to determine what’s right for your business:

Website Optimisation

When your website includes the right keywords, tags, links, load speed and other elements, it can more easily be found by search engines. Optimisation will increase traffic to your website, so your brand becomes more visible and your website can make more conversions.

Social Media

Social media is essential for building profitable relationships. Know which platforms your target market members prefer and keep them engaged with informative, relevant posts, making sure that social sharing buttons are available on your website.


A blog is an online log containing articles relevant to your niche audience’s needs. When optimised for search engines and shared on social media, regular blog posts can increase traffic to your website and enhance your expert status.

Email Marketing

Email marketing software will help you to manage the sending of emails to your entire list (and unique emails to segments of that list), to serve your target market’s needs, build rapport, establish trust and enhance your expert status…all in pursuit of increased sales.

Free Download: Click here to download your free marketing quiz and find out how you can become a MARKETING SUPERSTAR!

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are free gifts and valuable offers given in exchange for potential customers’ contact details, and are fabulous ways to build your list. When your list is rich with ideal customers, you have countless opportunities to serve those people…so they feel inspired to buy from, and talk about, your brand.


Video appeals to all types of digital learners, is highly shareable and has remarkable conversion power when created specifically for your ideal customers. Every business should strive to make video viral within its target market (with subject matter, presentation and strategic sharing).

Live Video

Platforms like Facebook offer users the opportunity to ‘go live’ and interact with viewers through comments and reactions. It’s recorded, too, so it can be played back later. This is a simple way to connect, in real time, with your ideal customers. You can impart valuable information, answer questions, ask questions, teach, introduce products, build relationships and more.


Networks are groups of motivated business owners who have similar values, customer connections to share, and joint venture interests. Some networks are found online, while others host in-person events. By finding the right network for your business, you can gain access to others’ lists (which may contain your ideal customers’ contact information) and uncover profit-inducing opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Online Advertising

By advertising with Google Adwords, your webpage(s) can appear high in search results, and you’ll pay per click (to the website) or per impression (seen by the user). Social media advertising uses the keywords you provide to place your ad in the feeds of those users who are most likely to be interested. These can be highly effective methods, as long as you ensure that costs are recovered (and exceeded) with resulting profits. This can be a tricky area, so seek help if you’re not sure.


Search Engine Optimisation refers to a collection of practices used to ‘catch the attention’ of search engines, and applies to all your online places (website, landing pages, social media pages, videos, images, etc.). When used correctly (with keyword phrases, tags and more), SEO works to move your business up in search results, with the first page being the most desirable. Few people look past the first page, meaning that effective SEO can increase the amount of traffic to every one of your online places.

Planning your marketing requires a customised strategy for gaining maximum visibility and relevance within your target market. By investing in your own training and education—and hiring a business or marketing coach—you can make every effort more lucrative, less labour-intensive and more likely to multiply the ripple effect of every campaign, appearance and mention.


Free Download: Click here to download your free marketing quiz and find out how you can become a MARKETING SUPERSTAR!

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