Speaking with Confidence

#1 Speaker Course for Women.

In this extremely popular 4 day intensive speaker course, Marnie LeFevre shares with you the fail safe tools, techniques and secrets she discovered and developed while speaking on stages globally in front of diverse audiences. 

Her goal with this course is to help women to find their confidence and present with authority whilst public speaking; to give them their voice back and empower them to step into keynote speaking and/or speaking and selling from stage so that they can have a greater impact. 

This workshop has been labelled transformative by its female attendees, truly unique and life changing. It’s known for being the #1 speaker course on the market for women. An experience to be discovered.

If you’d like more information on exactly what’s covered in our Speaking with Confidence Course please get in touch and we’ll send the outline over to you.

“I stepped entirely out of my comfort zone this weekend. I have been pushed to the brink, and made to realise amazing things. Public speaking is one of my deepest fears, and something I’ve been very good at avoiding. I’ve spent 3 days with the ever talented Marnie LeFevre learning to speak from the stage with confidence. I hated it because I was so uncomfortable, but I will never regret doing it. The start of a new adventure. Lesson of the day, if you have a fear, face it. And do it with gusto. Don’t let fear be a weakness, make it a strength.”
Katrina Treanor – Director | Business Support Specialist

“Would you please let Marnie know that this workshop has helped me in many ways. I have since spoken at a conference at the Crown Casino for Science research and I entered a 3MT competition (this is where researchers have 3 minutes to pitch their 30 000 word thesis. In a creative way! ) I am pleased to say that I am now in the Grand Final this Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome I am thankful to Marnie for the confidence she has helped me to find with public speaking.”
Julie Sartori – School of Medical and Health Sciences | Edith Cowan University

“When I registered for the Speaking with Confidence workshop, I was looking into learning how to share my personal story with people confidently. Marnie dug deep into me to get my story out and during this time, a lot of other stuff came up. I was a mess within the first few hours. However Marnie with her blend of masculine and feminine energy held me close so that I felt safe to remove my layers of masks to bring my actual story out. In this workshop, Marnie covers every aspect of public speaking from branding, how to craft your story, being confident as a speaker and so on. This workshop delivered beyond my expectations! The whole experience didn’t just develop me as a speaker in short time (prior to the launch of my Strive and Thrive campaign), but it also gave me a safe environment to begin my healing journey. You could go elsewhere if you wish to learn to be a podium speaker, but if you want to tell your story in an authentic way and touch others and make a difference to their lives, then you will be sorry if you do not choose the Speaking with Confidence workshop with Marnie LeFevre.”
Norita C.O. – Founder and Speaker | Strive and Thrive

“Awesome course! Cannot remember the last time I had such an amazing experience and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible, life-changing event. I think you are an amazing woman and must say that I was very impressed with observing you in action as you shared your unlimited well of wisdom and talent. I am on the journey ready to learn as much as I can from you Marnie – hope you are ready for me!!!!”
Annette Stanton

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