Logo Design: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly [PREVIEW]

In this live training, Marnie walks you through why small business owners quite often end up with bad logos, how to create a strong brief for your designer, and the elements that make for a good, strong logo. She also answers member questions at the end.

00:03:41 –
Planning before you brief in a designer
00:07:07 – Different types of logos
00:20:54 – The reasons that business owners end up with bad logos.
00:26:15 – Common mistakes business owners make when having their logo designed
00:37:51 – What makes for a good and effective logo
00:46:42 – Colour
00:54:07 – Style
00:57:07 – Brand guidelines
01:00:48 – Tips for ensuring your logo is great
01:04:10 – Logo variations to ask your designer for
01:07:22 – What if I hate the logo examples the designer provides?
01:09:27 – Does a tagline need to be incorporated in the logo?
01:10:20 – How much should I expect to pay for a professionally designed logo?
01:12:56 – Can you start your business without a logo?
01:14:28 – I just finished my logo, now I see it’s probably not right. Should I get another one done or keep this one?

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