Interview with Kylie Bartlett – Social Media Expert

In this interview with prominent social media expert Kylie Bartlett we discuss how she went from working at McDonalds to building a multi-million dollar company yet discovering she still wasn’t happy. She then tells us what she did to change that and begin to succeed in all areas of life. Plus she shares her success secrets with you.

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More about Kylie

Entrepreneurs and industry leaders who are on a mission to profit from their public profile and build a web famous brand can do so with the help of “been there, done that” personal branding queen, Kylie Bartlett.

The self-driven businesswoman, international public speaker and author of Facebook Friends with Benefits specialises in catapulting her clientele to ‘rock star status’ with her unique brand of mentoring.

As part of her no-holds-barred quest to pimp out her client’s profiles, Kylie flexes her profile prowess to build their five Ps: Persona, Platform, Presentation Skills, Products and Publicity.

Kylie is no stranger to the all important world of promotion. She has appeared on numerous Australian television and radio broadcasts including, ‘The Today Show, 9AM Show, 3MP, 2UB’, appeared in many Australian newspapers and magazine publications including, ‘The Sunday Herald Sun, Dynamic Business Magazine, Australian Banking and Finance Magazine,’ to name a few.

Also a pro on the public speaking circuit, Kylie combines substance with humour to inspire, motivate and serve as a catalyst for others to achieve outstanding success and celebrity results in business by leveraging the power of personal branding and the social web.

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