Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide [PREVIEW]

In this live training, Marnie walks you through the basics of blogging. How to come up with ideas, how to plan your content and tips on maximising your articles. She also answers member questions at the end.

00:04:10 – What is a blog?
00:05:26 – Why you need to blog
00:09:06 – Is blogging right for every business?
00:12:38 – What you need to start your blog
00:18:37 – Before you start writing
00:23:51 – Finding ideas
00:26:33 – Content multipliers
00:34:57 – Organising your ideas
00:35:27 – Writing your articles
00:46:53 – Supersizing your blog
00:54:14 – Promoting your blog
01:04:00 – Monetising your blog
01:08:37 – Tips for blogging success
01:15:40 – How long should your blog post be?
01:16:55 – How do you decide what to put in blog article, lead magnet and product?
01:23:53 – What if I’m not a writer?
01:27:20 – Can blogs contain videos or pictures?
01:28:22 – Do you need permission to include another company’s product?

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