Nov 25th – Dec 1st

Mixing business with pleasure

Mix business with pleasure…it’s what
lifestyle femme-trepreneurs do!

Join me for a luxurious retreat in Bali and do all your business and marketing planning in style, whilst enjoying a sneaky cocktail or a massage by the pool. You certainly deserve it. Relax, recharge and get ready to achieve your dreams in 2019!

You deserve a working holiday sponsored by your business!

Let me whisk you away for a week, where you’ll spend the most magical time working on your beautiful business with like-minded femme-trepreneurs in a 5 star setting on the beach. Why not get away and get all your planning and business development done whilst living the dream in Bali by the pool, giggling with girlfriends, networking with powerful women and having a holiday sponsored by your business! I’m combining business, personal development, pampering and play in one magical ladies only retreat.

Check out just some of the things we’ll be doing;

Morning Activities

Wake up to yoga or a beach walk – or sleep in – it’s your choice!

Business & Marketing

Mornings we’ll be immersed in business and marketing development for 2019 – what’s hot and what’s not for next year.

2019 Planning

We’ll be planning your 2019 together, setting goals, determining budgets, growth strategies – all that stuff you generally avoid, we’ll be doing and it’ll feel like fun!

1-on-1 Time

Private meetings with me will also be available for some one on one time brainstorming the next steps for you and your business growth.

Pamper & Relax

Shopping excursions, massage, pampering, poolside planning (with or without a cocktail in hand is your choice!) and play will be scheduled in – girl’s gotta relax and have fun too!

Personal Development

Personal development sessions will be run in the afternoon because to achieve success, working on you is just as important as working on your business.

Delicious Food & Drinks

Delicious food and drinks in an ideal setting – what more do you need to top off a beautiful, productive, playful retreat?

5-Star Accommodation

We’ll be staying in a luxurious beach front hotel, hand picked by myself and my team.

You deserve it…

Mixing business with pleasure

Nov 25th – Dec 1st

Limited to 20 women only!
(5 places taken already and we hadn’t even launched yet!)

Early bird prices, apply right now


As women we usually put ourselves last right? Well it’s time to break that habit and choose to get away and surround yourself with other powerful women putting themselves first too.

It’s really healthy to get away from your routine, distractions and family so that you can focus on where you want to take your business in 2019 – it can be a big, successful, profitable year for you, but you’ll have to plan it out first and dream big.

I’ll be showing you how to do just that and own your success whilst working on your money programs, so that there is nothing but success in your future.

Business doesn’t have to be hard. We can play and pamper ourselves while being productive and achieving results at the same time. I do it all the time!

Join me and experience the freedom of working on your business in a beautiful nurturing environment with ease and flow, feeling supported to achieve your dreams.

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I’m super excited to be spending time in Bali with beautiful entrepreneurs like you. I can help you to make the money you deserve in 2019 and make a huge difference with your beautiful business. I can’t wait to see you there.


Well I’ve been around the business block a number of times now, having owned a number of successful businesses around the world. I’ve been awarded for my achievements and also have a #1 bestselling book for women in business. I’m going to say it, I’m no slouch…I know what I’m doing and I want to share what I know with as many women as possible, and that means YOU.

I want to show you what living the dream feels like – what freedom in business feels like, so I pulled together this retreat with a whole bunch of nurturing and play, whilst doing business in the style that you deserve (by the pool with cocktail in hand!).

It’s our time ladies – and I’ll do whatever it takes to empower you to achieve your dreams – join me and let’s make this happen – in style!

Big hug,
Marnie x

Put you & your business first

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© 2018 Secret Women's Business Academy. All rights reserved.

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