A Woman’s Guide to Business Start-Up

Your No-Stone-Unturned, Right-Way-the-First-Time Checklist

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Making the decision to buy or build our own business will change your life—and proceeding in the right way can make it everything you’ve ever dreamt of.

You’ve watched women you admire build companies that skyrocket. You’ve seen them prove the naysayers wrong, crush stereotypes and crash through boundaries. And along the way, you’ve wondered: what determines success? Is it luck, work ethic or supernatural business sense possessed by only a select few?

It’s none of that. Instead, it’s about preparation—turning over every stone along the start-up path, to gain complete control of a strategy built around your unique goals.

Don’t be the intelligent, motivated woman who leaves that one crucial stone unturned. Instead, use this checklist before you embark on your life-changing journey.

No Stone Unturned: A Business Start-Up Checklist

Conduct Research

Get to know your competitors’ products and strategies. Delve into the minds of their customers to identify gaps in service. Use this information to create a business strategy that fulfils your ideal clients’ needs and covers areas that your competitors are neglecting.


This is your Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s important for securing your position in the market. It differentiates your business from the competition, and communicates your values to your ideal clients.

Identify your Target Market

No business will appeal to every consumer—and it shouldn’t. Identify the niche you will serve and get specific in your communications.

Work out Your Why

Every successful business owner is clear on the difference she wants to make and knows why she’s in business…and it’s never for fame or profit.

Business Plan

You’re going to need goals, a plan for reaching them, accountability and focus. This is far too important to ‘just wing it.’

Income Plan

Will you draw a salary from the business? Will you maintain a part-time job for now? Thinking this will ‘work itself out’ never works. Plan for it.

Business Name

The days of clever, obscure business names are gone. Yours should be highly searchable, make the brand promise clear and be short enough to double as your Twitter handle (15 characters max).

Purchase Domains

Purchase all the domains (URLs) associated with your business name (and your own name if you plan on being highly visible) to avoid future confusion with other businesses.


When you own a brand, not just a business, you’ll work toward building trust, reputation and visibility more quickly and with greater effectiveness. Brand colours, a custom logo and more will make your business more memorable and relevant.


How will you register your business? What protection will that offer? How will you insure it? Conduct research in the countries where your business will be operating and speak to an attorney about the best way to proceed.


Who will handle all the tasks you’re not prepared to cover? A new business will need an accountant, lawyer, bookkeeper, VA, and other professionals.

Marketing Initiatives

To attract ideal customers to your business, it must be seen by all the right people. Choose a marketing mix that will reach them in the right places at the right times.


Your website is your virtual store. It should be branded, easy to navigate, highly relevant and favourable to conversion.

Start a List

Your list contains the contact details of people who have shown interest in what you’re offering, and who will receive high-value content and exciting offers from your business. Start building that list with lead magnets, putting quality before quantity.

Time Management

How will you ensure that everything gets done (and done well)? Identify the tasks you wish to complete for yourself and delegate the rest.

Bank Account

You’ll need a business bank account. Choose the financial institution offering the most generous benefits and comprehensive service.


Before you start spending, know how much disposable income you have to work with. Understand what’s important to promoting and sustaining your business at this time, then prioritise, learn skills and delegate.


Where will you obtain operating capital before your revenue can support the cost of doing business? Will you get a small business loan? Find investors? Or start a crowd-funding campaign?

Find a Tribe

Every business needs loyal supporters who have the same problem, pain, preference or goals in common. Maybe this tribe has already been assembled, or maybe it’s up to you to start one (with a Facebook group, for example).


The stepping stones along your path to business success are hiding gems that the majority of business owners are overlooking. This creates a window of opportunity for you—not just to succeed, but to establish your brand faster, and with greater relevance, profit and potential for lasting success.

Will you grasp this opportunity before the rest catch on to what you’ve discovered? Download our FREE printable Start-up Checklist below.


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